November 2012

This is an interesting platform where students and others (teachers too) can become mentors to others around the world. My immediate thoughts are that it has a lot of potential, yet using it in an educational setting I have to weigh the cons too. There is a significant concern about teachers going live online in the event that photos are abused, or they are accused of abuse of some sort. What do you think?

Meritful | A professional development network.


The Art of Taking Notes: A Collection of Strategies | Write It Down: Best Note-taking Practices | Learnist.


Claire begins by saying, “We need to better prepare the next generations for the reality of today and tomorrow, so they are well equipped to make this world a better place.” This is well worth listening to and sharing with your friends and colleagues.  Claire shares in a transparent fashion a deeply meaningful, life affirming and visionary hope for education.

Claire Boonstra at TEDxAmsterdamED – YouTube.


Yes, this story is moving and has a wow factor, but I think that it is important to ask ourselves as educators (as a community) how we can help develop the ability for children to become engaged and then develop higher level thinking that moves towards innovation.

Self-taught African Teen Wows M.I.T. – YouTube.

For those who are interested in publishing – or have an student, friend or colleague with exceptional writing skills, and the tenacious desire to get published; then direct him/her to the website will help potential publishers by acquiring crowd sourced publishing. is a a place for individuals and institutions to join together to give their favorite ebooks to the world. We work with rights holders to decide on fair compensation for releasing a free, legal edition of their already-published books, under Creative Commons licensing. Then everyone pledges toward that sum. When the threshold is reached (and not before), we collect the pledged funds and we pay the rights holders. They issue an unglued digital edition; you’re free to read and share it, with everyone, on the device of your choice, worldwide.


The Internet our Neurons?

Let’s remember the real power belongs within us – and how we influence the most influential, our kids.

BRAIN POWER: From Neurons to Networks – YouTube.


While somewhat expensive this Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen may have a place for identified students as it remembers data, records voice etc. Helpful with recall and for sharing notes. I love the fact that it works on multiple platforms.  If nothing else, I think it is cool.

Fancy – Livescribe Sky WiFi Smartpen.


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