This is an award winning website that has a very solid article about the use of Smartphones in the classroom. It is well worth reading. Although some apps are recommended in this article, in my professional opinion, they are not the best ones  – however, they are solid and good to work with.

Some Ideas about Teaching with SmartPhones.


Taking a Risk on At-Risk Kids – YouTube.

“Teaching the same way will not get us the successful results that we want for our students.” (paraphrase) (pardon the pun) The flip-side is true: students will not experience success within the “same old model” of teaching, but evidence seems to strongly suggest that flipping a class/the instructional model makes a significant difference in student engagement…and academic results.

As I continue on my journey flipping my high school English classes I hope to see the positive engagement and increase in skill level for all.


via Taking a Risk on At-Risk Kids – YouTube.