This is an interesting site, where David Preston emphasizes the importance of using visuals in the classroom. Not that we forget, however, it is a refreshing reminder and demonstration about how he leverages technology and other tools to engage students.

REVITALIZE VISUALS » David Preston on Open Learning.


There are a lot of repetitive best of apps postings out there, but this one I think has apps that are – in my opinion – considerable more unique and functional for the secondary classroom.

The best of the season to my followers and readers of my posts.

12 of the best educational apps of 2012 – The Next Web.


15 Great Mindmapping Tools and Apps | SpyreStudios.


This is an award winning website that has a very solid article about the use of Smartphones in the classroom. It is well worth reading. Although some apps are recommended in this article, in my professional opinion, they are not the best ones  – however, they are solid and good to work with.

Some Ideas about Teaching with SmartPhones.


Don’t forget the TED-Ed website. TED is a website dedicated to the sharing of new and innovative ideas in every aspect of life…including education, of course. �There is a lot of useful information, and a community well worth joining. Take a look, I hope that you will find helpful resources for your teaching.

TED-Ed | Lessons Worth Sharing.

via TED-Ed | Lessons Worth Sharing.

via Waetag: 60 in 60: Inspiring Apps.

via Waetag: 60 in 60: Inspiring Apps.