I recently came across Visual.ly, but have not had time to spend more time on the website. Visul.ly is more powerful than PowerPoint – and a more interesting way to deliver information – since it is designated motion graphics. Visul.ly will certainly make the presentation of information more interesting, and I think keep viewers attention longer since the audience doesn’t have to listen to the likes of me. Just kidding.

via Visual.ly.


The Art of Taking Notes: A Collection of Strategies | Write It Down: Best Note-taking Practices | Learnist.


I am getting ready to teach my students how to develop an infographic in my English classes – that is,  after I ensure it is not blocked by my school board. The purpose is to have them take their written skills and synthesize their information in an easy to use format.

How to Create an Infographic in PowerPoint

How to Create an Infographic in PowerPoint