My Flipped Classes: My First Few Days

Well, after a lot of research, reading and consideration during the summer, I am officially a flipped teacher– and to think it only took one day in class.

Seriously, although it has only been a few days, I have observed – or I should say other teaching colleagues – have observed some positive student movement. Importantly, the comments are all unsolicited.
Firstly, they said that my grade nine English class was never as focused and involved in learning. Secondly, a teacher that taught some of the most behaviourally challenged students last semester, said that I in just three days had them to complete more work than he/she had during the semester. Please note, I am having my biggest challenges with this small group of students so the process has only just begun. Finally, a teacher that teaches across the hall from me said that the use of a relevant music video with the kids in combination with short story instruction was clearly engaging the students.

All of this said being the first week of school, it is hard for me to be objective and accurately see all of the changes. I am very busy facilitating, directing and clarifying the direction of the lesson for the students.

As a “first-time” flipper I recognize the importance of being patient and moving steadily towards the goals. It feels like it takes longer to implement than I would like. However, it is not about me the teacher. It is about students increasing their involvement so they will maximize their higher level thinking skills. As I said to my students today…I am trained to be at the front of the class, and talk to imbue you with knowledge. I am learning to let go of the power and share it with you/them.

One challenge is the lack of students owning smartphones. Approximately 40% own them and some do not have connection to the schools WiFi. I am still pondering how to overcome the lack of technology.

The first week of school is almost over and I am looking forward to some rest, time with my family and deeper reflection on the week.


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